Spice Decorators Mesmerize Guests With New ‘Unique’ Touch In Decoration

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Decor by: SPICE Decorators & Events Managers

After a hesitant acceptance to attend an introduction ceremony of a friend to a friend, Esther Nantongo, I was not so expectant considering the geographic location.However, I arrived at the venue and Alas! I was taken aback! I couldn’t believe my eyes, the decoration was what a today’s teenager would call ‘out of this world’, a total sophisticated enchantment! I couldn’t help but look for the brain behind the magic and I was directed to a one  Esther Kirabo,The C.E.O and founder of the spice decorators and events managers and this was how the conversation rolled out,

So when did you start?

I started deco after I completed my bachelors in industrial fine art in 2000.

Where did you derive the passion for venturing into the world of deco?

Since I had done my course in fine art, I already wanted to do something in line with the course I had pursued, so I decided to go into deco, I also like beauty, I like making things beautiful and after am done, I look back and feel proud of my work.


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