“I Loved The Way She Kept Herself Natural, She Wasn’t A Copycat”- Janet and Normans Wedding

MikoloMember May 27, 2016 868 No Comments


Photo credit: Dynamic Wedding Photography

We seldom encounter couples that look so natural on their wedding set. Most are conscious of the cameras, and as such, pull acts for it. Unrehearsed theatrics that looks like a stale taste on the tongue. Consequently carving a plastic final outcome in the final photography and videography. But not Jane and her beau Norman. Not them. They looked natural. Theirs looked like an affair forged in the very realm of romance heaven. A subtle nudge here and there, prompting a sheepish laugh. And the occasional outburst, when both shared a moment of mirth. And you could swear they were mumbling the words; “I can’t believe this is happening.”


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