Actress Eleanor – Nabwiso Proposed To Me At 2 AM

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Former Hostel actress Eleanor Nabwiso describes her husband as a friend who was just heaven sent. “I can still describe him as heaven sent. We have been married for now three years but we are still best friends. We are like twins,” a jolly Eleanor describes Mathew Nabwiso. In an interview with Mikolo, she opened… Read more »

“I Loved The Way She Kept Herself Natural, She Wasn’t A Copycat”- Janet and Normans Wedding

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Photo credit: Dynamic Wedding Photography We seldom encounter couples that look so natural on their wedding set. Most are conscious of the cameras, and as such, pull acts for it. Unrehearsed theatrics that looks like a stale taste on the tongue. Consequently carving a plastic final outcome in the final photography and videography. But not… Read more »

Spice Decorators Mesmerize Guests With New ‘Unique’ Touch In Decoration

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Decor by: SPICE Decorators & Events Managers After a hesitant acceptance to attend an introduction ceremony of a friend to a friend, Esther Nantongo, I was not so expectant considering the geographic location.However, I arrived at the venue and Alas! I was taken aback! I couldn’t believe my eyes, the decoration was what a today’s teenager… Read more »

Katende Muhammad Speaks To Mikolo About Photography, Business & Family

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Albeit I had seen him in photos before, for a while, I longed to meet the man behind the brand Katende Muhammad photography whose name rings a bell to most of those that follow the events industry especially when it comes to weddings in Uganda. Eventually, my lucky day came on Saturday, 17th June 2017… Read more »